Deidre' Stokes

Deidré Stokes has served on the Executive Board of Your Working Copy, Inc. since 2014. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she received a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. Deidré received the juris doctorate degree from Howard University School of Law. In addition to being Debra Stokes’ eldest daughter, Deidré works as an attorney in the metro-Atlanta area.

Debra Stokes

Debra Stokes has been a supporter of Your Working Copy, Inc. since God spoke the vision into existence through Founder Susan Bates. She is currently Director of Marketing, Membership, and General Operations with Association Strategy Group in Atlanta, Georgia.

Debra’s career spans nearly four decades. Her positions have changed, but her value within each organization has been her ability to help individuals achieve their potential through personal, professional, and spiritual development. Debra holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications from the University of Alabama. She is a certified emergency response team member, life coach, and children’s book author.

Susan Bates

Susan Bates is the founder of Your Working Copy, Inc. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field of education from the University of Alabama. Her career looks like a patchwork quilt. An educator by trade and by nature, she’s taught from kindergarten to college, proving her love of teaching no matter the level. Her work-life years have given her the opportunity to wear a wide variety of hats: a hard hat as an Outside Plant Engineer for Pacific Bell and Bell South, and a soft heart as a Social Worker for the Birmingham Police Department. She had the privilege of serving on the national staff of Girl Scouts, USA, Inc. and the Ameri*Corps National Civilian Community Corps. Through it all, she sees how each assignment has helped to prepare her for her life’s mission: to record the Bible and create a new structure that invites the world to engage with God through His holy Word. A number of her work assignments were with ‘start-up’ organizations — creating something new for the good of mankind that had never been tried before. Her trailblazing spirit has helped make her suitable for this work. She is honored that the Heavenly Father tagged her and said, “You’re it!”