When Susan Bates, founder of Your Working Copy, heard the words, “I want you to use your voice for your life’s work,” her life was never the same. All of her life has been spent using her voice in some way or other.


During her high school years, she competed in oratorical contests. As a freshman student at the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, Ala.), she made the junior varsity debate team and had her own radio show on the university campus.


Susan recorded books and written materials for the California Council of the Blind. Prior to this assignment, she organized a small company and provided direct services to the blind community by recording fiction, non-fiction, manuals, college texts, and all sorts of documents and materials needed by those with low or no vision.


She has been featured in training videos, commercials, and various other projects in the voiceover industry.


As a classroom teacher, she recorded books for her non-English speaking students to use in the classroom. These recordings helped them learn to read and to master the English language. Susan has served as a public speaker throughout her life whenever the opportunity presented itself.


Through Your Working Copy’s Nehemiah 812 Project, Susan presents full books of the Bible before live audiences. 


But the greatest joy of all for Susan has been the task of recording the holy Scriptures.


“When I first accepted the assignment, I thought it would be a snap!” Susan says. “As the years wore on, I confessed to the Father that I had no idea what I had signed up for. We both had a good laugh on that one. He has faithfully guided me through the process, often reminding me that faithful is He who calleth who also will do it. I sincerely hope this project will be a blessing to many for years to come … until the end of the age.”